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About our recent projects

FIREBIRD - The BIROS HSRS CAMERA STRUCTURE – the next Flight Heritage of Cesic®

After the sucessful launch of the TET-1 sattelite with a Cesic camera structure the next sattelite called BIROS is equipped with the same structure manufactured by ECM.
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The LSST Camera has a full HB-Cesic focal plane supporting nearly 200 CCD sensors

ECM deliverd in March 2017 the focal plane for the LSST Camera. Beside the large camera grid structure with a size of nearly a square meter ECM will also provide the 24 subsystems - called raft baseplates -  for the support of the CCD sensors.  Each raft will carry nine CCD sensors. All 24 raft base plates are already delivered to Brookhaven National Lab responsible for the intergartion of the CCD to the rafts fully within the specification.

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The Star Sensor Brackets for the six new Meteosat Third Generation Satellite will be out of HB-Cesic®

ECM has the contract from OHB Germany for the design, fabrication and qualification of the Star Sensor Assembly Bracket. Beside the HB-Cesic structure ECM is also responsible for the design and fabiraction of the complete SAB Subsystem including the Titanium Bi-Pods and Aluminum interfaces for the Star Trackers.  All components including the HB-Cesic bracket of the STM model are already manufactured and all the qualification tests of the STM model will be carried out from October to December 2015.

The TET-1 HSRS CAMERA STRUCTURE – the Second Flight Heritage of Cesic®

One of the core payload elements of the Technologie-Erprobungs-Träger-1 (TET-1, Technology Experiment Carrier) satellite, a mission of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), is the Hot Spot Recognition System (HSRS). In close collaboration with the DLR, ECM manufactured the new camera structure of the HSRS using its ceramic composite material, Cesic®, in order to achieve the required low coefficient of thermal expansion, high stiffness, and low mass.
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Recent Achievements with a Cryogenic Ultra-lightweighted
HB-Cesic® Mirror

ESA contracted Thales Alenia Space (TAS) to design a super-lightweighted HB-Cesic® mirror with a diameter of 600 mm, isostatic fixations, and a special astigmatism compensation device (ACD) for mirror shape control. The mirror was manufactured by ECM, polished and coated by Société Européenne de Systèmes Optiques (SESO), France, and tested to cryogenic temperatures by TAS.
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Manufacturing and performance test of a 800 mm space optic

HB-Cesic® – a European and Japanese trademark of ECM – is a Hybrid Carbon-Fiber Reinforced SiC composite developed jointly by ECM and MELCO.
ECM present the whole manufacturing process of such a space mirror starting from the rolex replica watches raw material preparation until the polishing of the optic including cryo testing.
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SPIRALE – the first all-Cesic® telescopes orbiting Earth

SPIRALE is a French Earth observation demonstration project consisting of two satellites. In support of the project and under contract with Thales Alenia Space, ECM manufactured two fully integrated all-Cesic® telescopes, composed of super-light-weighted complex monolithic structures, including two off-axis aspheric mirrors per telescope with integrated interfaces for mounting.
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Engineered Ceramic Materials GmbH is an industrial small business enterprise located near Munich, Germany. Cesic® is a registered trademark of ecm.

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