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Desis - The German Hyperspectral Instrument on ISS

24.06.2018 - The German Hyperspectral instrument is on his way to ISS. The primary pointing mirror of DESIS is manufactured by ECM out of HB-Cesic.  

More information on actual status of DESIS 

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MTG Star Tracker Bracket Assembly Flight Model #3, FM#4 and #5

28.06.2018 - Only 6 month after the delivery of the first two flight models another three Flight models were delivered to OHB Bremen. The last tow FMs will be delieverd to OHB in November 2018. 

MTG Star Tracker Bracket Assembly Flight Model #1 and #2

20.10.2017 - The first two fligth models passed all acceptance test and were delivered to OHB System Bremen in December 2017. 

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MTG Star Tracker Bracket passed all qualification tests

18.05.2017 - The fully qualified ceramic star tracker bracker for the MTG mission is delivered to OHB for platform tests.

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LSST Camera Structure passed Acceptance Review

10.03.2017 - The fully ceramic camera structure for the LSST telescope passed successful, the acceptance review in Germany prior to shipment to Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC).

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Contract for Earth Observation Focal Plane signed

Januar 2016 - ECM signed with Thales Alenia Space the contract for the delivery of the next focal plane made out of Cesic for a earth observation satellite.  ECM delivered in the past already serveral similar focal planes including the sensor packages out of Cesic. 

RECO NG requires new HB-Cesic Mirrors

December 2015 - ECM signed with Airbus DS the contract for the delivery of 8 primary mirrors for the airborne RECO NG system. Already between 2009 and 2010 ECM delivered 21 primary mirrors for the RECO NG system of AIRBUS DS, so this current order is a full recurring version of these primary mirrors.

HB-Cesic® Star Tracker  Brackets for MTG Mission

May 2014 - ECM awarded a contract from OHB for the fabrication of 7 Fligth Models including  one STM Model of Start Trecker Assembly Brackets for ESAs MTG Mission. This  Project requieres an extreme thermo-eleastical stability of the bracket, which can not be achieved with metals like aluminum.

Cesic® Focal Plane Structures for French EO Satellites

December 2013 - ECM received the contract from Thales Alenia Space, Cannes the contract for two more focal plane structures to be integrated in French EO satellites.

Cesic® structure inside the TET- 1 microsatellite

July 2012 – We are proud to announce that we have reached to a next flight heritage of a Cesic® structure which is used inside the TET- 1 microsatellite. This satellite was launched together with 4 others satellite from Baikonur site on 22nd July 2012 with a Soyuz Fregat launcher. With TET-1 also space probes Kanopus-B, BKA, MKA-FKI, ADS-1 were launched. TET-1
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Etalon Cage FM for the MSASI Instrument on Bepi Colombo delivered

July 2011 – ECM delivered the successfully manufactured Etalon Cage structures (FM and FM Spare) including screws and nuts out of HB-Cesic to Hovemere Ltd., UK. This etalon will be integrated in the MSASI instrument flying on the Bepi Colombo MMO spacecraft.
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Certified Quality Management System

March 2011 – ECM Engineered Ceramic Materials GmbH has established and applies a Quality Management System for Design and Fabrication of Cesic® Products according to the ISO 9001:2008.
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ECM: An independent engineering company

August 2010 – ECM Engineered Ceramic Materials GmbH has been incorporated in August 2010 in Moosinning, a town near Munich, Germany, as an independent engineering company, specializing in the design and manufacture of precision ceramic materials for a wide range of applications. 
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Engineered Ceramic Materials GmbH is an industrial small business enterprise located near Munich, Germany. Cesic® is a registered trademark of ecm.

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